Linktree: Review – The only link you will ever need.

Whether you want to boost your blog profile or enhance your brand on social media, there are many tools that can help make life a lot easier. Streamlining all your online content makes it simpler to keep track of your posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and any other platforms.  What if we told you […]

Instagram Influencers and how they work

If there’s one buzzword in online marketing that has defined the past decade it would be ‘influencer’. It seems that there are suddenly a host of influencers working with Instagram and social media.  Who are they, where did they come from and what do they bring to the party?  Becoming an influencer can be incredibly […]

Never Mess With Business Communication And Here’s The Reasons Why.

Nothing is more frustrating than finding yourself within a conversation where one or more parties constantly utilizes acronyms and/or other industry specific terms without regard to the overall audience. You become disenfranchised because an otherwise straight forward discussion has transitioned out of comprehension, leading individuals to feel patronized, inferior, excluded, or disengaged. How often does […]

Optimizing your Instagram Bio

In today’s constantly evolving digital world, Instagram bios have become, for many, the go-to place to share information. A default for the typical company card, this innovative feature allows its users to promote, release, and sell products, all at the click of a button. It may come as no surprise, therefore, that several creators have […]