Spoiler alert: your social media just got easier.

Spend less time guessing what to post and keep your feed consistent with your brand. Your customers want to hear from you.

Post More. Work Less. Take Your Social Media To The Next Level.

Content that Simply works

You will have content that’s not only captivating, but has been proven to work for the HVAC industry.

Staying Active On Social Media

Whether you post once or twice a week, sometimes, or hardly, our platform will help you stay consistent.

Turn Followers Into Customers

How are you getting your business in front of them? Create better content, faster. It’s all ready for you to post.

What the platform features to ignite your social media

Stunning Content that simply works.

A healthy balance of educational posts, stories, questions, videos, and sales posts so you can effectively populate your social media calendar. You will have access to content that’s not only captivating, but has been proven to work for the HVAC industry.
Our content includes educational posts such as products, services, did you know’s and much more. These posts give a healthy balance in combination of stories, polls and questions. Educational content helps to build loyalty among your followers. Your audience will trust you as an expert in the local HVAC industry.

Stories, polls and questions give an additional balance to your content. This type of content gives your business the ability to engage with your customers. Social media users enjoy answering polls and questions whether through simple posts or stories. Our content is both fun and engaging to keep your social media feed active 

Accelerates engagement with Reels

Reels provide HVAC businesses with an opportunity to demonstrate who they are in a fun, digestible way. Improve your awareness on both Instagram and Facebook.

Our Reels allow your HVAC business to creatively showcase their products or services.  The short, dynamic format of Reels is highly engaging and suitable for capturing the attention of users. This can be more effective than traditional posts or stories in engaging potential customers.  

Reels have a prominent place in the Instagram interface, often featured on the Explore page. This increases the chances of reaching a wider audience, including those who don’t follow the business’s account.

The Content Library for all occasions and more!

Loaded like a truck full of bananas! You’ll have access to the content library which includes: holiday posts, inspirational, quotes, this or that, social media days, local flair, and much more! The content library is included as part of your subscription and doesn’t count towards your downloads!

Because you always need holiday posts, or social days to add to your overall content. We provide you with lots of options to make sure you don’t miss any that you can post content!

All extra content is part of your subscription, no extra charge, and it is free to download. We’ve included everything from asking locally on your feed what they enjoy, to Merry Christmas, Star Wars Day, This or that, and much much more! The content library is a great way to add engagement to your feed. 

Suggested Hashtags & Comments

Hashtags expand your reach beyond just your immediate followers. Our suggested comments provide you with context so you don’t have to even write!

Forget struggling with what hashtags to use. We’ve done the research for you.  Drive traffic to your content so that you can boost views, likes, and shares. The key is finding to use the right ones that match your content and appeal to users.

Writing text for social media can be difficult. Not knowing what to use in each post, what information to give, or making it too much of a sales post can push away followers. We give you the right mix with every post so you can post with confidence. 

Need a little extra help?

We offer an Elite Pro package where our team posts the Amaze Social content for you including adding branding. We also offer additional custom solutions and training should you need them! 

We offer a white glove service called Amaze Social Elite Pro which is $387 /mo and includes a dedicated account rep that will post to your social media channels. This includes 2 social media channels. It does not include custom posts however it does include branding (adding your logo) to posts and reels.

Need something more? We offer custom solutions such as video creation, paid social & Google advertising, web design, and e-mail marketing Get in touch with our team or click here: Marketing

Amaze Social makes posting easy.

After just 1 month we already have more followers and new customers are seeing and interacting with our content.

1st Choice Air Conditioning

Social media use to be tough for our team but we can do it in house. No need for any outside agencies. Its awesome!

Total Comfort Heating & AC

Figuring out HVAC content was a real pain in the you know what. With Amaze Social its easy. Download and go.

Dan’s Heating & Cooling

Come onboard and crush your social media.

Amaze Social media makes it easy to keep your feed active. 

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