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Did you know? Hash or hashtag - comes from the Latin term "Pound Weight."

Daily social hashtags are something we have all seen, but perhaps not fully understood. If you, like plenty of us, just can’t seem to crack the latest trends, it might be worth reading this article. We will take you through exactly what daily hashtags entail, give you some examples, and help you to make the most of your HVAC social media feed. Now, before we get into the swing of things, let’s start with the basics. Days of the week hashtags are a great way, especially for smaller businesses, to enhance reach across all of your social media platforms.

They allow companies to connect with larger audiences and can easily be customized to meet your specific brand culture. Besides their obvious benefits in relation to engagement, daily hashtags are proven to help your HVAC page outperform competitors with similar content across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Worth it for a few lines of text, right? Below you will see a list of the most effective daily hashtags, each designed to help you boost your presence in today’s ever growing digital landscape.

Hashtag Guide

👌 Popular Hashtags to utilize:

Monday Hashtags

  • #mondayblues
  • mondaymotivation
  • mondaysbelike
  • mondaysfeels
  • mindfulmonday

For almost all of us, Monday is the first day of the working week. Even for those not yet accustomed to the 9 to 5 life, Monday marks the start of five long, enduring days of learning. It might come as no surprise therefore, that many of the most popular Monday hashtags aren’t exactly positive in nature. With a whopping 3 million posts on Instagram alone, #mondayblues comes in as one of the most heavily engaged examples on today’s list. Though not the most encouraging of messages, it seems pretty obvious why this hashtag has gained the level of popularity that it currently commands.  In the business world, companies using #mondayblues, or indeed any hashtag with a similar, dismal tone, do so to let their followers know that they can relate to their turmoil. 

If a slightly more upbeat tone is what you prefer, there are many ways to achieve it. First, just because your hashtag carries a somewhat negative message, this doesn’t mean that the post which accompanies it has to. A post you would typically expect from a #mondayblues, #mondayfeels, or even #mondaysbelike hashtag would centre around an image or video that portrays your unwillingness to begin another hectic week. Opting for positive content, therefore, would help your post to stand out from others listed under the hashtag. This way, you can stay true to your brand. While also achieving a uniqueness among competition.

A perfect method for HVAC companies looking to enhance recognition. Second, and perhaps more obviously, you could simply use a different hashtag. #mondaymotivation is a great example and like with the less motivational posts, will shows your followers exactly what ethos you push for as a company.


Tuesday Hashtags

  • transformationtuesday
  • toothytuesday
  • traveltuesday
  • tuesdayvibes
  • trendytuesday
  • tuesdaytips
  • techtuesday
  • testimonialtuesday
  • tacotuesday

Tuesday is a more grooving day on social media, unlike Monday. There are various hashtags to keep you going on this day. #tuesdaytips is a great one for any HVAC company to use to give some maintenance tips for HVAC, air conditioning or plumbing if you also offer those services.

#Tuesdayvibes is one hashtag that is very popular as well 

Here are some more social media hashtags for Tuesday:
#TechTuesday, #TrendyTuesday,  #TopicTuesday – to share you particular tips on a specific topic, #TravelTuesday is a great one to mix it up on social media! Remember: your content doesn’t always have to be 100% all about your business and services, you can go outside the box – in fact many readers appreciate businesses that do.

Lastly, #TestimonialTuesday is perfect for businesses or #givingTuesday if you give back to the community!

Wednesday Hashtags

  • WednesdayWisdom
  • WaybackWednesday
  • WellnessWednesday
  • WallpaperWednesday
  • WorkingWednesday
  • WorkfromHomeWednesday

Wednesday, the day that divides us all. Whether you see it as an indication of the weekend ahead, or a reminder of the work that awaits, Wednesday remains universal in its ability to bring in an audience in need of entertainment. Though not as effective as posting on Tuesday or Thursday, it is a great way to check in with your followers throughout the week, and there are many great options to choose from when it comes to selecting the perfect hashtag. #wednesdaywisdom boasts an impressive 3.9 million posts on Instagram alone, offering a wide range of content to suit everyone’s needs. It really requires no specific method of delivery, so it matters not what your brand message is, #wednesdaywisdom will deliver! Second most popular is the #wednesdaymotivation hashtag. Again, like many of the examples on this list, this is a great way to emphasise to your followers that motivation is something your brand strives towards emphasising.

Despite the obvious benefit of providing a point of contact with your existing following, this hashtag further provides an opportunity to expand your audience. It does so by attracting like-minded people to your page and, who knows, it may even be effective in converting others to share your joy of this mid-week hump day.

Other popular Wednesday hashtags include: #WaybackWednesday (similar to #ThrowbackThursday – but different in the fact that it should be earlier days of the business).

#WellnessWednesday is fitting for dentists, orthodontists, optometrists, nutrition, gyms, spas, etc.

#WallpaperWednesday – is perfect for our friends in the Real Estate business or of course interior designers.

#WorkingWednesday or #WorkfromHomeWednesday are of course more popular now than ever, with more and more folk working from home.

Thursday Hashtags

  • TBT
  • throwbackthursday
  • thursdaygrinds
  • thursdaythoughts

Thursday – isn’t a very popular day of the week on social media. We’ve seen the statistics for this day, and it’t not quite up to par as far as the other days.

That doesn’t mean you should completely avoid Thursdays though. Thursday’s give every business the ability to utilize #ThrowbackThursday (also known as #tbt) which honestly is amazing if you are low on content – of course with Apeel Social that should never be the case!

Using this hashtag allows you to use previous content – it’s good in many ways. TBT has millions of posts and counting, so it is a very popular hashtag.

Another popular hashtag for Thursday is #thursdaythoughts, or #thursdaygrinds.

Friday Hashtags

  • fridayfun
  • fridaynight
  • fridayintros
  • foodiefriday

Notorious for its ability to bring people together, Friday is one of the most celebrated days of the week, and the same goes in the world of social media. After 7 days of hard work, Friday provides an opportunity to share with your followers the upcoming plans you have for the weekend. The most popular of today’s list, the #fridaynight hashtag, showcases an impressive 15.8 million posts. Each broadcasting unique content, this provides the perfect opportunity to keep your followers updated, and maybe even collect a few more in the process. Another great hashtag to use on Friday that can help you post some purposeful content is: #fridayintros, this allows you to introduce any staff members on your team! 

Whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, a simple post accompanied by this hashtag can go a long way, especially given the fact that the content you accompany it with is entirely at your discretion. If affirming your followers interests is what you wish to accomplish, simply stay true to your brand. For those looking to expand, however, the universal nature of this tag allows companies to adapt their message to appeal to wider audiences. Either way, it guarantees worthwhile results. 

Another great option to showcase your joy toward the end of the week is the #fridayfun hashtag. As the name suggests, this example is all about fun and what that means to you and your brand. From a night on the town to a cozy evening filled with cliché films and snacks, it really matters not which type of content that you deliver, as long as you do so with a specific audience in mind. Simply perfect for anyone looking to maintain and expand their current user base.

Saturday Hashtags

  • smallbusinesssaturday
  • ShoutoutSaturday
  • SaturdaySpecial
  • SaturdaySale
  • SaturdayLove

Saturday, a day to party or rest… or is it?! As a business you may not post on the weekends. But that does not and should not stop you from posting. Saturday is one of the lower engagement days, but trying it for your HVAC business could also depend on your audience. As they say, it never hurts to try!

Most popular hashtags for Saturday that you can utilize as a business owner is #SmallBusinessSaturday. This has been typically used to feature businesses locally.

Other popular hashtags for Saturday are: #ShoutoutSaturday (you can give a shoutout to another local business), #SaturdaySpecial, or #SaturdaySale.

Have a go at it, and see if you can get some more engagement on a Saturday for your business needs.

Sunday Hashtags

  • SundayVibes
  • Sundaymorning
  • StartupSunday
  • SundayFunday
  • SundayMood
  • WeekendVibes
Sunday, the weekend isn’t over right? Or is it! Sunday is a great day for showcasing your business and one of the most popular hashtags is #SundayVibes or #Sundaymorning. While Sunday may not be a high engagement day like Saturday, this doesn’t mean you can’t post on the weekend. It all depends on your audience and what they do. Here are a few more hashtags you can utilize: #StartupSunday – are you a start-up? In the early stages? Want to share a milestone about your business? This is a great hashtag to use. #SundayFunday is probably the most popular hashtag on Sunday. You can show some of your corporate culture, personality and many other things your team may do on a Sunday. Is it cooking a meal with the family, going for a run, walk? How about showing off your pet? #Weekendvibes is a great hashtag for either Saturday or Sunday. Be sure to use it!
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