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Our courses are meticulously crafted with the busy business owner in mind. We understand the demands on your time, so we’ve designed our lessons to be concise, impactful, and easily digestible. Each topic is broken down into manageable segments, allowing you to absorb key concepts quickly and apply them immediately to your business. With our approach, you can efficiently enhance your skills and knowledge without sacrificing the precious time you need to run your business successfully.
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Courses FAQ

Amaze Social makes it easy to always have fresh social media content at your finger tips.

Who designs the course content?

All courses are designed by the Amaze Social staff whom have over 15+ years of industry experience. The courses are designed with business owners in mind. We have taken everything we’ve learned over the years and have applied it to all our courses. Real world experience.

All our courses are presented by our fabulous presenter Jason Greer. He’s amazing at conveying all the relevant information while keeping it fun an informative. You’ll never get bored, we promise!

Yes, of course! All our courses come with an additional workbook so that you have any relevant information you need and more! Some courses even include additional downloads to help your business thrive!

Do to the nature of digital content and the amount of work that goes into developing, planning, and shooting videos for each course, we are afraid that a no refund policy applies. We are sure you will enjoy any course you take! 

It really depends, currently we only offer 3 courses. We will continue to add our team develops them. If you have anything you’d like to see, please do let us know through the feedback form or our contact center.

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