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We understand that, when it comes to creating the perfect social media page, it is vitally important to maintain a consistent, appealing aesthetic. As part of this, we would expect that our posts follow the images sizes required by each platform. Given the ever-changing formalities expected by social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, however, this can be a tricky trade to crack. That’s why we have complied a guide to help companies navigate and locate the most recent social media content dimensions, helping you to get relevant and stay relevant. Now, before we get into the swing of things, it is important you know exactly what we mean by social media sizes. On the face of it, it seems a pretty simple phrase to get your head around. By size we mean the dimensions of the image, right? Though this is true, in part, sizing also refers to the size of the upload.  

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Why Sizing Matters:

Like many others, you may be wondering exactly what cracking the correct social media dimensions can do for a business. Truth is, there is a lot to get right when it comes to creating impressive content for an online audience, and a massive part of this centres around ensuring that your posts appear the best they can possibly be. Besides, who wants to spend their time scrolling through a page with blurry, inconsistent images. A waste of time, right?

The first benefit that can be obtained from creating content to match the specific requirements of your favourite social media platforms is clarity. Primarily, and perhaps most importantly, in terms of the image or video itself. Securing the correct dimensions really helps to avoid any unnecessary stretching that would ruin the quality of your otherwise impressive content. Keeping your feed appealing to users is key to maintaining a strong following and can further be effective in attracting a new audience who enjoy the look of your page. Helping to ensure against any unwanted cropping, such precision concerning sizing ensures that those who engage with your page are doing so to the fullest extent. You wouldn’t paint a picture to show just half of it, right? The same should go for your social media content. Keeping on top of changing image dimensions will help to make sure that your audience sees your post in its full glory, brand messaging and all. Second, maintaining the correct sizes across your social media platforms helps to create a consistent company  image. This is not only important when it comes to keeping your existing followers engaged with your page but further when it comes to creating novel interaction with your content. To put it in more simple terms, the easier it is to get an idea as to what a company advocates toward, the easier it is to decide whether or not you are interested. A key aspect of this is whether or not you can ascertain, from pictures and videos alone, if a certain business is one which you feel you can relate to or would otherwise wish to purchase a product or service from. A page filled with poor-quality media, then, will perform a lot less effectively that one beaming with perfectly captured imagery. Truly a simple, yet highly effective, way to achieve optimal results from your social media performance. 

2021 Sizing Guide

Now, as for the burning question on all of your minds, what are the perfect dimensions for content in 2021? Let us take you through each platform, each image type, and each format requirement. You may be surprised by the results!

Instagram - Sizing (Feed)

Though originally known for its square images, Instagram now allows its users to upload horizontally and vertically oriented content, and while this increases your choice as a creator, it makes locating the perfect dimensions a tad more difficult. Though, with our help, you can work to achieve the best results from your posts, without having to change much about your online routine. We recommend the following sizes for the best results.

Feed Sizing:

  • Landscape: 1080 x 566 pixels
  • Portrait:1080 x 1350 pixels
  • Square:1080 x 1080 pixels


  • Display Size:161 x 161 pixels
  • Recommended Upload Size:1080 pixels wide


  • Instagram Stories Image Size :1080 pixels wide


  • Landscape:1080 x 566 pixels
  • Portrait: 1080 x 1350 pixels
  • Square:1080 x 1080 pixels


  • 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • This is an aspect ratio of 9:16.
  • Cover photo: 420 x 654 pixels

Facebook Sizing

Facebook, as I’m sure you are all already aware, is one of the oldest and most successful social media platforms. Renowned for its ability to spread news quickly, this digital giant provides one of the largest online audiences, and if done right, your content can seriously benefit from such a large volume of existing users. So, why don’t we take a look at those all-important figures to help your page stay looking fresh.

Cover Photos

  • Display size desktop: 820 x 312 pixels
  • Display size smartphone: 640 x 360 pixels
  • Minimum size: 400 x 150 pixels

Post and timeline

  • Recommended size: 1200 x 630 pixels
  • Minimum size: 600 x 315 pixels

Panorama and 360 Photos

  • Minimum image size: 30,000 pixels, less than 135,000,000 in total

Facebook Stories

  • Minimum width: 500 pixels
  • Aspect ratio: 9:16.

Facebook - Advertising Sizes

Facebook features different advertising sizes that need to be exact in order for your ad to show up properly in the right medium. Be sure to follow these guidelines. 

Feed Advertisements

  • Minimum Size: 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Maximum File Size: 30MB

Right Column Advertisements

  • Minimum Size: 1080 x 1080 pixels

Marketplace Advertisements

  • Minimum Size: 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Maximum File Size: 30MB

Whichever your preferred platform, we recommend total compliance with the given dimensions for media sizing. Doing so will help to boost your presence and maintain an easily recognisable brand. Something which, in today’s ever growing digital landscape, will provide a unique edge for your company. Helping you to stand out from competitors, while still staying true to who you are. From established businesses to new market entrants, checking your content sizing is certainly something worth implementing into your upload schedule. We hope this guide has helped to perfect your Instagram and Facebook pages!


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