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The modern consumer wants a fast response to an enquiry. In fact, research has shown that businesses who respond within one hour are seven-times more likely to convert the lead than those who take more than an hour. More alarmingly, almost half take more than 24 hours to respond to lead or – remarkably – do not respond at all! Clearly, a quick response to leads is essential if you are to avoid losing custom to your competitors.

The problem is that even small businesses cannot always respond to leads in such short a time as an hour. The workforce will naturally be concentrating on their specific jobs. What’s the answer? Automation is the best way to ensure that all your leads get answered as quickly as possible. Below, we’re looking at Tidio which is a fresh live chat and chat bot solution that is becoming extremely popular. Before we talk about the benefits, here’s a bit about how Tidio works.

How Tidio Works

Live chat is a feature of many websites nowadays and is fast becoming a must for retailers and service providers in competitive markets. The usual format is that a box will automatically open in a corner of the screen when a consumer goes to the website. The chat box will introduce an agent by name and ask if they can be of any help.

The viewer has the option to close the chat box, or to type in an enquiry. Tidio, like many chat solutions, offers two options: the potential customer can talk, in real time, to an actual agent – one of your team who is at that time available to talk – or can ask simple and frequently asked questions of a chat bot. It is, of course, preferable to provide them with one of your team to answer their questions and help convert the lead, but this is not always possible.

What is a chat bot? Let’s say you have a smaller business that operates 9 to 5, as most do, or to any select hours. You also have a day off at least – everyone deserves one! However, the nature of online business means that potential customers will much of the time be off work at the same time you and your workforce are, and that’s when you will lose the most leads.

So, a potential customer browses your stock in an evening, and comes across something they want to know more about. The chat bot is open in the corner of the screen. It will ask if it can be of any help, and the customer may respond. Of course, a computer cannot answer every question, but a chat bot can be programmed to perform some quite complex actions.

Tidio can answer often-asked questions such as ‘Is this item in stock?’, ‘Do you have X size’, ‘How much is delivery?’ and much more. The sheer range of enquiries you can set it up to deal with is very impressive. Furthermore, if a customer wishes to place an order, the chat bot will take them to the correct page for ordering and payment – all without you or any of your team being present.

Put simply, the chat bot is an additional member of your staff who can attend to all the basic and some more complicated requests, as long as it has been set up carefully and is optimized towards the most likely out of hours enquiries. If you wish, should it be unable to help, it can be told to put the enquirer through to you or one of your team who may be designated to deal with such instances.

Features of Tidio

We’ve given a good account of what Tidio is designed to do and how it will help your business by keeping up with enquiries out of hours (or at any time you wish it to replace your live contact) so here’s a look at some of the features that make Tidio a live chat package to consider:

  • Simplify communication: Tidio can also help streamline your communication channels by bringing into one simple panel your live, messenger and emails.
  • Customized widgets: you can design your Tidio widget button to be in line with your corporate colours and look, so that your live chat ad chat bot are neatly streamlined.
  • Tidio can monitor how your customers behave through their journey on your website so you can optimize your chat bot responses to be more effective.
  • Integration: Tidio can be integrated with many other software packages and online portals that you are already using, including such as Shopify, Wix, WordPress and many more, meaning your clients can complete a transaction using an entirely automated chat bot function.

That’s a few of the features that you get with Tidio, and there are more to check out.

Pricing and Our Conclusion

How much does Tidio cost? There is a free version which will be useful for businesses who want to add a live chat feature to a website. It can be used by up to 3 chat operators and is a useful tool, but does not come with the chat bot. For this, you need to take on the Chatbots package with which you get all the features of the free version, plus the live chat bot function that we believe is the most important part of the package.

Free Option – $0
Up to 3 chat operators but limited to 100K unique visitors per month. You won’t get unlimited chat bots or any templates. This will give you the ability to get communicator going on your site.

Chat Communicator – $18/mo (USD) per 3 agents. As you add more agent it increases per month.

Chat Bot – $18/mo (USD) per 1k visitors. As your visitors increase it will cost more per month.

Is Tidio worth the outlay? Given the current monthly cost for the Tidio Chatbots package is just $18/mo USD, we believe it to be a competitive deal indeed. It is surprisingly easy to set up and simple to streamline and customize to your needs. The ability to seamlessly integrate with all the popular retail packages is a major bonus, and it is a valuable marketing tool. When you consider that a chat bot has been proven to increase conversions by up to 25% that monthly cost represents and excellent return on investment for even the smallest of business.

To conclude, Tidio is efficient, easy to set up and use, and can be customized to help your business increase leads even when you are not available, and is among the best chat bot solutions.


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