Instagram Guides – All you need to know

Instagram Guides, the platform’s latest feature, allows its users to share content in an entirely novel format. Originally designed for creators posting health and fitness tips during the pandemic, the feature has since been made available to everyone, bringing with it several valuable opportunities to boost your social media presence.

Now, to make the most out of Instagram Guides, you must know exactly how they are used. That’s why we have compiled the latest information to help you design, implement, and stay on top of this brilliant feature.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

What are Instagram Guides?

In simple terms, Instagram Guides are a way to share and consume helpful information provided by users. They comprise several, interconnected posts, and are typically fronted by a title, cover image, and introduction. Within the guide itself, users can add links that direct their followers straight to their product page. While this drives sales, it does so in a manner less pushy than traditional marketing strategies, instead of creating an educational context in which companies can advertise their services.

Since their original conception in the health and fitness industry, Instagram Guides have been expanded by the platform to include products, places, and posts. Universal access to the feature in this way has delivered several opportunities to enhance promotion. Truly a simple, yet highly effective, way to get your brand out there.

How to get to get Guide on Instagram?

Simply select the + icon at the top to create and you will see a list that drops down like below. Click Guide to get started. 


How to get the best results from Instagram Guides

To get the best results from this brilliant new feature, you must understand exactly how they work. We will walk you through each post type, tell you how to create it, and provide some valuable tips to help you design the perfect Instagram Guide.

The first category we will be running through posts. You will want to begin by selecting the plus symbol in the top right-hand corner of your profile page. After that, simply click guide and tap posts. At this point, you will be required to select content from your saved or public posts. Now comes the fun part. You will be asked to add a title and description for your guide and, if desired, upload a new cover photo to accompany your creation. Entirely customizable, this part of the process allows users to visually present their brand however they desire. For example, if you were a cosmetics company looking to boost sales on your newest mascara, you could create a cover page, or even an embedded page, that broadcasts the benefits of the product. Descriptions are also at your discretion, so you may adapt the sales language to meet your specific brand requirements. You should repeat this process until your guide is complete, and then make it public using the share button.

The finished product will appear on the creator’s profile page under the new Guides icon. It can be located beside the ordinary feed icon and looks similar to a book. From here, you will be able to access all of the guides a user has posted, much like already possible with the IGTV feature. They can be shared via stories and direct messages by simply tapping into the post and using the icons depicted at the bottom left. Furthest left is like, followed by DM, and personal stories to the right. The feature thus helps users to maximize reach, by opening up channels for conversation among followers. It allows those who are responsible for their creation to tell a story of their brand, building rapport with consumers while at the same time aiding them to maintain a consistent brand that can easily be distinguished from competitors within the market.

Now onto product Guides. Especially effective for smaller businesses looking to increase their client base, this format operates almost entirely the same as the posts option detailed above. You will begin your creation by selecting the plus symbol, the guide tab, and finally the products tab. Once completed, you will be able to select the products you would like to list throughout your guide. You can choose from products that have been saved to your personal wish list or, if unavailable, directly from the account which originally listed the item. Again, you will be able to insert personalized titles, descriptions, and, where necessary, cover photos. This is extremely beneficial on the marketing front, as companies can customize the ways in which they wish to promote their brand. Take for example the cosmetics scenario mentioned in the posts section. You can choose a tone of language to use in your text that not only replicates the image you would like your brand to advocate but further crafts one which is compelling to your target audience. For those with a younger following, therefore, the company could perhaps adopt the more direct language, while those with an older consumer base could employ more traditional sales rhetoric. Whichever you prefer, or anywhere in between, the customizable nature of this feature allows users to create a Guide that works for them. The perfect strategy to battle today’s ever-growing e-commerce market.

Finally, we will run through the creation process for Instagram Guides with places. Much like the first two examples, you will begin by going to the plus symbol, guide, and then places. Once you have selected the post, it is time to add your titles, description, and cover photo. Be creative here, the more personalized the better. You want to help your followers to understand what you stand for as a company, and maybe even recruit some new ones in the process. This way, you can build a relationship with your existing clients, bonding over shared interests, thereby helping to ensure continued sales as your brand progresses and grows.

Why you should implement Instagram Guides into your posting routine

The first benefit which can be obtained from the frequent use of Instagram Guides has enhanced user retention. As they are presented in a much longer format than a traditional post, Guides help to keep people on your page, rather than with the competitors. Your followers will not be required to navigate your feed, or even leave your page, to find more information, as the customizable nature of the feature allows creators to compile it all in one place. Besides the obvious benefit of attracting new customers to your brand, this allows companies to create a reliable source of information. Something which, without a doubt, will not only help you to stand out as a creator but further, demonstrate that you can be relied upon as a seller.

Another key bonus synonymous with the use of Instagram Guides is their ability to extend reach. We have touched on this throughout, but it is worth mentioning again, as it is a key step toward navigating the world of e-commerce. As a brand looking to sell its products on social media, especially for those just entering the market, it is important that you come into contact with as many potential customers as possible. Though, avoiding any misconception here, we do not necessarily suggest that you favour quantity over quality. Instead, we would advise that you target users who you feel will show a genuine interest in your products. Besides, it is these people who will turn clicks into sales, and Guides are a great way to achieve this. By creating content that is personalized to your brand, you can focus on providing useful information on the products people are specifically searching for, even if they are not already a part of your desired audience.

Next, increasing the use of Instagram Guides can help a company to build and maintain a strong brand image. If, as a consumer, you see a business that does not simply push products in your face but instead frames them within a portfolio of tips as to how best to use them, you may feel more compelled to purchase an item from them. You will realize that, as a brand, they genuinely care about the results you obtain, not just about the sale you produce. This allows businesses to create loyal relationships with their consumers, keeping them coming back for more, without having to employ otherwise time-consuming marketing strategies.

Capable of being shared via direct message and personal stories, Instagram Guides have created several opportunities to encourage ongoing conversations among your followers. If your audience likes what they see from your brand within the guide, they can share it among their networks. This creates a steady stream of new customers looking to find out more about your brand and what you have to offer. All in a few clicks. It really is the most effective way to manage your own marketing and deliver results in an almost effortless manner. Simply perfect for anyone who is looking to boost their presence in the online market, especially for those of you who are new to the Instagram sales scene.

So, we ask, how will you implement Instagram Guides into your marketing schedule? Whatever you decide, we guarantee results that will exponentially improve your Instagram experience


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I use them to share the products I use most. I have a story highlight for this where I use affiliate links but they’re also groped by category in the guides section. I was surprised to receive a lot of DMs from people who thanked me for sharing those gems with them so yeah, it’s not always about using aff links.


I had a ton of fun creating my first guide but unfortunately I don’t think it will get the traction I hoped for. Any tips on how to get more exposure?

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