4 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Marketing Strategies  


Facebook marketing – the phrase we have all heard but probably not yet understood. In a nutshell, this somewhat daunting terminology refers to the ways in which a business owner can promote their products or services using the platform. With over 1.56 billion users to choose from, companies who crack the fundamentals of this process need not worry about falling below their targets. It may come as no surprise, therefore, that thousands of creators have begun to regard Facebook Marketing as an essential element of their marketing process. That’s why we have compiled all of the information you will need to make the most out of your social media pages, and we hope that, after reading this guide, you will become better acquainted with the world of Facebook Marketing. The first, and undoubtedly the most essential, step needed to improve your Facebook marketing strategy is to open a page with the platform. Since we are sure most of our audience will have already taken care of this task, we will keep this section brief. However, we are keen to remind those of you who have forgotten, or who are simply unaware, that Facebook distinguishes between personal and business profiles. If you fail to act accordingly, you run the risk of being shut down.

If you have not yet done so, take a visit to the Facebook home page. You will be asked to choose between a business or brand status or a community or public figure status. Once selected, you will be directed to create a name. We recommend that you take some time to consider this process.

  1. Call to Engagement

Content is king. Engagement? Even better. The most important part of your social media strategy is to call for engagement with the fans of your page. Utilizing polls, stories, questions and videos are a few things that help users interact with your brand. Polls and question are very popular!  What better way to know what your customers want or how they feel about a product or service then to ask them? Every brand needs to foster relationships with current and prospective customers. Get creative and think outside the box. Remember, you don’t always have to focus on your industry for content. Brands that have done well have gone outside the box of their own product or service offering to attract fans and get attention. 

  1. Create a Post Schedule That Meets Your Audience’s Schedule

You need to post content that not only appeals to your audience but targets them at the right time. There are two schools of thought that dominate this subject. While some groups focus on quality, others focus on quantity. Undeniably, the latter has worked in the past and has seen several business pages expand their reach almost tenfold. More recently, however, business owners have begun to favour content that reaches a higher number of people per post, given its improved quality, over that which targets a larger overall audience.

A part of this quality relates directly to the audience with which you are dealing. The schedule you create should align with the times your followers are most likely to engage with your content. Those of you who intend to appeal to children, for example, should consider typical school hours before committing to a schedule. The same applies to all industries. Failing to accommodate your followers in this way may result in a reduction in the performance of your page moving forward.

  1. Ascertain the Reasons Why Your Audience Choose to Share Content Online

There are several research pieces to confirm the importance of building healthy relationships with your clients, though little information has been made available explaining why users choose to share content in the online space. If you are able to gain a sufficient understanding of your customer’s motivations, you will be in a great position to create content that will engage their interests. It is a known fact that users will not waste their time leaving a social media page to access a website they feel they will not enjoy. Nor will they take the time from their day to scroll through a page filled with media they are not at all entertained by. It is vital, therefore, that you gain a comprehensive understanding of the reasons why your particular group of followers chooses to use social media. Individuals with a passion for self-fulfilment, for example, may be interested in fitness pages way more than someone who only uses social media to foster relationships.

  1. Create Content That is Compatible with Mobile Consumption

In a world so consumed by social media, the volume of individuals who view content using their phones is constantly on the rise. Over 95% of Facebook users access the platform using a mobile, a statistic which is only expected to rise with time. One of the factors responsible for this change is vertical video viewing. Unlike laptops or other hand-held devices, mobile users need not abandon their natural holding position to watch videos. By facilitating this format, companies will, without a doubt, increase their engagement. Besides, what better a group to target than the one with the most potential customers?

Without the facilities for mobile consumption, your company will likely fall behind competitors, not just in terms of reach, but further in relation to profits. Whether you are a seasoned social media professional, or a completely new entrant, it is vital that you create content that your users are able to easily access. Without a shadow of a doubt, and as several research projects suggest, the easiest way to do this is to create posts, videos, and images that can be viewed on a mobile.

Remember, this is one of the biggest platforms in the world. You, as a creator, will not be stopped in any way, shape, or form in your pursuit of a successful online career, provided that you take the right steps

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I’m feeling completely overwhelmed with Facebook lately. My ad strategy went down the drain, it ended costing me a fortune for several leads…

Riley Robinson

After I drafted my content pillars I knew exactly what type of content I had to post. Not only that, but I never run out of ideas since I know what direction I have to go in. This is the best advice I could give to someone who’s either starting up fresh or someone who needs a fresh start: pick the content categories and not down your ideas. Later on you can easily expand on those ideas, it’s just like google’s related searches, never-ending. 


Since we started adding smaller, reel-like videos on Facebook our engagement went up. I’m guessing Facebook acts just like Insta by ranking videos better. This is to my advantage though, I like creating these videos more than I like taking brand photos. 


I’m wearing all the hats when it comes to managing my business, from CEO to social media manager, and it’s starting to show. I feel very close to a full-on burnout and it won’t be pretty. I need to delegate and I need to do it now, starting with my social media presence. 

Do you have a plan where I don’t have to post or is this not an option? 

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