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Since being introduced, the Facebook Creator Suite has revolutionized the world of social media marketing. This relatively new tool helps its users to expand their reach, replacing the often-burdensome task of navigating publishing tools with a simple, easily accessible management suit. Given the volume of benefits this innovation provides on the marketing front, it is surprising how little attention it has attracted among business owners. That’s why we have compiled all the necessary information to help you make the most out of the platform and its accessories. 

How Does the Creative Suite Differ from Traditional Management Tools?

While, historically, Facebook split its management elements across their platform, its new Creative Suite provides a single point of access for users seeking to control their marketing essentials. Users need not search the entire app, whether on desktop or mobile phone, before releasing their posts, but instead are merely required to open up the Creator Studio and begin editing. Since this is something not yet seen on the social media front, we feel it necessary to urge you to explore its possibilities. 

Besides, who enjoys wasting their time organizing post schedules, flicking between tabs relentlessly?  Or even worse, paying someone else to do it. Becoming a frequent user of the Creative Suite will not only help your company to save time but will further encourage the development of a consistent brand image. A simple, yet highly effective way to enhance your marketing processes, no matter the size of your business.

The Creative Suite Tools 

You may still be wondering exactly what the Creative suit encompasses. Exactly what makes it unique. Well, beyond allowing its users to manage several pages from one location, this creative innovation tracks engagement, notifies users of the performance of their pages, and delivers an opportunity to not only receive but respond to comments and messages without having to open your inbox. It may come as a surprise, therefore, to hear that the Creative Suite is free of charge. Yes, you are understanding us. It is completely free.


Upon accessing the Creative Suite, you will be faced with the home page. Relatively simple to navigate, this tool will allow you to switch between accounts, whether on Facebook or Instagram, create and upload content, review optimization recommendations, and view notifications. To create and schedule posts in the Creative Suite, you will need to select the “create post” button listed on the sidebar. From here, and after uploading the content you wish to share, you will be able to schedule, in advance, the time at which it will be released. The tool uses information relating to your drafts and past posts across all of its scheduling features, making it one of the most advanced programs on the market.


The creative suite also boasts a content library. Here is where you will access all of the posts you have made, or that you have scheduled to be released, across your Facebook pages. Information is delivered in columns headed with the title of the area with which they are associated. If, for any reason, you struggle to understand this layout, try hovering over the column heading. This will provide an overview of the data being provided and, hopefully, aid you in navigating the site. Underneath the content library tabs, you will notice further options to narrow your results, ranging from post types to date ranges.


The final tool offered by the Creative Suite is its insights analytics. Reporting metrics on content performance, earning estimations, and audience statistics, this powerful feature provides an immediate solution for all of your marketing demands. You need not conduct extensive research into the effectiveness of your current strategies, nor will you be required to employ further tactics to test engagement. All you must do is open up the insights tab and read the information provided.


Using the sidebar, you can access insights on overviews, audience types, video performances, loyalty, and retention, earnings, and story performances. Each can be exported using the Export Data button displayed toward the top end of your screen. Especially beneficial are the audience insights. Delivering statistics on engagement, demographics, and behavioural metrics, this tool not only offers crucial information on the suitability of your current strategies but further aids in the development of an effective brand image. Simply perfect for those of you seeking to increase engagement with clients, and to expand your reach as much as is possible.


The penultimate, and perhaps most intriguing, element of the Creative Suite is its monetization options. Where eligible, users are able to display ads across their content, including within videos, to create additional revenue for their business. Importantly, the Suite allows creators to time the placement of these ads. This way, you can make sure that any potential interruptions are avoided during periods where vital information is being communicated. If you feel you would not be able to perform these activities, or simply would not have enough time, try not to worry. The platform provides the option to allow automated ad placement. Whatever you choose, you can be sure to rely on the Creative Suite for all of your marketing needs.

Besides its aesthetic capabilities, the Creative Suite offers several systems through which communications can be effectively managed. Displaying all of your account comments and direct messages, this powerful tool allows you to maintain, and even build, relationships with clients. A process that is only compounded by the lack of interruptions provided by the features no-notification approach. The inbox tab further refines the marketing process by filtering your messages, before you access them, to only include those you have not yet read. Instead of flicking between tabs checking whether you have already responded to a certain client, you can simply spend your time communicating with those who demand the most of your attention. Given its ability to transform your marketing processes for the better, the Creative Suite is certainly something you should consider incorporating as a part of your social media schedules. 

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Believe it or not, I discovered Creator Studio last year #iknow. I was browsing for free instagram schedulers and bumped across this, I was gobsmacked haha.


This little tool is a huge time saver for me. I manage several accounts over multiple platforms and the Creative Suite makes it easy to change between accounts, between platforms. I’m having trouble posting videos, they load super slow, otherwise it works. 


Am I the only one who finds it rather clunky?! And the stats are anything but accurate…


Besides scheduling posts for my instagram account I also use the content library tab, it’s easier to see how posts are performing by simply scrolling instead of checking each individual post.

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