Optimizing your Instagram Bio

In today’s constantly evolving digital world, Instagram bios have become, for many, the go-to place to share information. A default for the typical company card, this innovative feature allows its users to promote, release, and sell products, all at the click of a button. It may come as no surprise, therefore, that several creators have […]

Virtual Consults

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 became a full-on pandemic, so much of our daily lives and services are now online. As offices, companies, dentists, and doctors’ practices are not allowed to operate as they did before the outbreak, many have had to tweak and alter their services. This has meant that something that was more […]

Facebook Creator Studio

Since being introduced, the Facebook Creator Suite has revolutionized the world of social media marketing. This relatively new tool helps its users to expand their reach, replacing the often-burdensome task of navigating publishing tools with a simple, easily accessible management suit. Given the volume of benefits this innovation provides on the marketing front, it is […]

Why kindness is the best policy

For the majority of us, unless perhaps you are an experienced and devout meditator or have an austere contemplative practice, our waking lives are accompanied by perpetual mental monologues which frequently become internal dialogues. This commentary is incessant, and quickly sputters off into a myriad of directions before doubling back on itself, often caught in […]

Smartphones: The Addiction Only Is Growing

Most of us smart phone using adults and adolescents are addicted to our devices.  Like Pavlovian dogs, we are seemingly helpless to our nearly automatic review and response to the incessant rings and pings that pepper our days.  Signalling immediate urgency, all of those alerts clamor for our attention, and we give ourselves over to […]

Digital Detox: How You Can Unplug for the Weekend

We are all keenly aware that life can be extremely busy or stressful and often we find ourselves within arm’s reach of distractions such as a phone, tablet, or computer. The benefits of these devices often outweigh the disadvantages, but their ease of use can also mean that we spend more time reading emails and […]

Are you sinking? Some tips to help small business owners

How to Keep Yourself from Sinking as a Small Business Owner Starting a small business can be a highly stressful and time-consuming task. While the rewards for putting up with these pressures may be obvious, that doesn’t make the process any less challenging. Whether you feel overwhelmed or have issues with working long hours and […]

Why Gratitude and Saying “Thank You” to Employees Goes a Long Way

Why Gratitude and Saying “Thank You” to Employees Goes a Long Way If you’re like me, you know that positivity always wins and even the simplest of gestures can go a long way in the workplace. In other words, saying thank you and expressing gratitude for employees is the quickest way to nurture a positive […]

Re-ignite that passion in your small business!

How Small Business Owners Can Stay Motivated and Re-ignite their Passion Momentum is everything in business and this is certainly true when it comes to the mindset of every entrepreneur or small business owner. If a business is not moving forward, it’s either stagnant or moving backwards and, neither of these options is one you […]

Micro Guide: Facebook Page Management

Since people expect to find a Facebook page, regardless of your line of business, you should certainly construct a polished page with valuable and relevant information pertaining to your audience. As of the first quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.19 billion monthly active users.  It will take effort, and creative content to ensure your business is noticed among a sea […]