The story of us.

We believe in helping business owners grow on social media while giving back to the greater good. 

Our reason for being.

We created Amaze Social because of the genuine desire to help businesses succeed on social media. Our team, through many years of experience in marketing and consulting with clients in all the industries for which we currently service, have seen a real need for social media marketing support in a way which is scalable, efficient and effective. We understand how difficult it is to create content, the costs (yes, they can be contained), not to mention how time consuming and overwhelming social marketing can be without expertise. From office management, to optometrists, HVAC professionals, dentists, orthodontists, and more, we have worked with clients who understand that their social presence is critical, but simply do not have the time and wherewithal to effectively deploy a social strategy. We know the struggles, we have the skills, and that is why we created Amaze Social, to help you succeed!

Bringing back both TLC to marketing and great customer service is what lies at the heart of what we do – it’s our passion.  Quite simply, we strongly believe businesses deserve much better!

With that said, you can expect a different approach to marketing and social media while knowing that we will bring superior service to you. After-all as we say, we don’t just build social media plans, we build long lasting business relationships!

Our Mission

To connect businesses with content that simply works, resulting in greater engagement, saving time, and keeping costs low.

Meet Jetter, AKA Monkey

Office Ninja / Chief Troublemaker

Jetter is the face of the company and our fun loving office manager. When not in the office, he is usually Jet-Setting from coast to coast. You may even catch a glimpse of him Monkeying Around on Facebook and Instagram.

But let’s get back to business…

Jetter is an extraordinary Monkey, with desire to try everything (kind of a Monkey see Monkey do approach). He is great at social communication and really knows how to play well with others (meaning he won’t drive you bananas…at least most of the time)!

Jetter also takes a unique view on things, which enables him to guide his team (across the monkey bars) with confidence and courage. And lastly, he shows excellent leadership with his team utilizing his passion, confidence and his clever sense of humour (like when he tells jokes…Why do monkeys love bananas? Because they have a peel!).

Our commitment to the greater good.

We have a shared humanity. Not only do we dedicate ourselves to delivering upon our commitments to our clients, but we also extend that focus to our global community. To be good global citizens in all that we do it is critical to our company, as such we ensure that our employees have time to volunteer with causes for which they have an affinity. Check back in the near future to hear about an exciting new partnership to give back to an organization of great importance to us!

When you use our services a portion gets donated.

AVANI Women & Child Rights

Anuradha, founder of AVANI, is a former child laborer herself and has spent decades fighting for the protection and promotion of women and child rights. Anuradha is now a well-known advocate and force for social change in in the Kolhapur district, Maharashtra, India where AVANI is based. AVANI is a prime example of how grassroots, community-centric work can solve some of India’s toughest problems, including child labor, child trafficking and female infanticide. AVANI’s primary focus is on high-risk industries like brickyard and sugarcane factories where migrant and child laborers are employed. Through courageous action and advocacy the AVANI team has been highly successful in motivating families and the brickyard owners to stop sending children to work, having now reduced child labor in the region’s brickyards by 95%.


Anuradha is a highly passionate and charismatic leader, drawing on her own story of survival to rally communities and create tidal waves of change. Through the power of policy analysis, advocacy and bold action, AVANI leverages the success of their programs to achieve lasting results for children in Kolhapur, India. They mobilize grassroots support, hold the local government accountable, advance policy change and secure financial investments that benefit thousands of the region’s most vulnerable children. AVANI’s commitment to collaboration with the local government is highly effective; many of their innovative pilot programs have since been adopted and funded by the state, ensuring long-term sustainability and far-reaching impact.

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